Apple mirrorless camera CONCEPT 

iPhone cameras are outstanding, the software, ISP, incredible lens, and sensors work together to produce great images and videos. 
Can you envision if Apple decides to offer a compact, full-frame, mirrorless digital camera without the smartphone size and form factor constraints? 

NTW Lisbon - Mechanical Watch CONCEPT 

Movement: ETA Mecaline 6498-1 / Hours, minutes & small second.

Case: 42 mm - 18k rose gold / Steel. 

Crystal: Sapphire + anti-reflective coating (AR coating). 

Strap: Black snakeskin. 

Water Resistant: 5 ATM.

 RUGGED TABLET - case studies

Two rugged tablet concepts designed to be durable in all conditions - Can handle any heavy use, keeps out dust, sand, moisture, and extreme temperatures. 

Other features:
Hand Crank Charger
Hot swapping batteries (HSB)
Drawers for Knife, mirror and crank charger handles 
Back LED light/flash

CINETIKUM - Automatic Watch 

This timepiece concept was designed to meet two requirements; the first was of the mixing rough finish materials (main body) with high quality finish materials, to blend the pass with future time. The second requirement : the vertical and horizontal bars, this feature represents the cage, and how time arrest us on is perpetual movement, making us prisoners from the day we born to our death.

Bluetooth Speakers concepts

Just a few Bluetooth Speakers concepts from our studio...enjoy!


BOOM stereo super bass headphones concept, designed to give the most clear and full sound experience to your ears. 


20 GB of pure freedom of movements. No wires, just you, your DIGIT and your wireless stereo headset. Extra slim and soft surfaces make it more user-friendly.


PLUMA means feather in Portuguese .
PLUMA, is part of recent concepts regarding high performance track bicycles.
PLUMA TRACK BIKE is made of carbon/Kevlar body panels, this way the surfaces are lighter,and more impact resistant. The overall shape will help the air flow along the bike body, and increases the athletes security by reducing the number of moving parts and tubes were they can be seriously injured - unfortunately, serious falls are usual during a velodrome track cycling race.
PLUMA is a fixed-gear bike, and like all professional track bikes, don´t have brakes.


The guys at NT Design Studio would like to have at our homes some different refrigerators. The two SMART-REFRIGERATOR concepts we share on this page, are the culmination of several simple and practical ideas-The advantage of having a refrigerator that enables the user to control the expiration dates of each item, the number of items, ordering online, browse the internet, watching cooking videos directly from the web, and watching your favorite TV shows while cooking.



DRIVE SAFE 2007 Michelin Outstanding Design Award WINNER

MYBUS is a vehicle intended to be safer not only for passengers but for pedestrians as well. Comfort, passenger protection and safe interaction with other vehicles are delivered by new proactive safety technologies. Electronic stability programs, smart cruise control, brake by wire, rear detection systems, smart wing mirrors, and Michelin “Twell” tires are the newest technologies that can improve safety and comfort for the driver and the passengers.

The use of an electrical power source was also a main concern to be taken into consideration since it reduces significantly the environmental impact and the danger of an explosion in case of accident. Not being a hybrid vehicle, power is yielded by electric cells placed above the rear wheels, away from the most obvious impact zones. In order to improve safety, each wheel has its own independent engine, so that the on-board computer can determine the ideal power to apply them. This engine works according to the road conditions, the type of driving and helps anticipate and react to an imminent accident situation. All these features are aimed only at making MYBUS the ideal vehicle for those who consider safety a top priority, not renouncing style, design and comfort.

OMNI - Audiophile omni 

speakers concept.

With OMNI sound speakers, be always inside the sound stage, you can move around your living room, but the sound will be there for you. Heavy  constructed  for less structure vibrations and superior sound quality, OMNI sound speakers, incorporates in the same system a woofer, a mid-range speaker and tweeter on the top. All the last three components are shielded from each other by using a ceramic plate.


The Equinox represents the exact time when the Sun is positioned directly over the Earth's equator. The two low relief semi spherical displays represents the Sun (hours) and the earth (minutes). Equinox also represents the classic and the modern aesthetics put together.


This concept was one of many headphone studies we carry out with one single concern; make it simple, functional and dynamic. The diagonal folding system allowed the headphones to be slimmer when folded. Along the design process, the big issue was to make the overall shape as simple as possible, and at the same time keepthe cool factor. The simple and elementary forms gave us a sense of simplicity as we desired.

VFV-Very Fun Vehicle

Cheerful, safe, economic and environmental friendly, surely the VFV will not let you indifferent…Although small, the VFV combines an attractive design with wide glass surfaces, being therefore extremely less claustrophobic, joyful and sportive. Its safety comes mainly from a massive deformation tubular skeleton, controlled in key-points (crumplezones), by a light yet effective armour against side crashes at the side windows level and by an electric motor that makes it safer in cases of collision, since it diminishes the risk of explosion. The VFV also includes parking sensors, airbags, seat-belts equipped with pretensioners and webclamps, drive by wire, traction control systems and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), presenting you with an excellent solution for everyone who cares about the car-city interaction.


Pendulum woks as an ordinary pendulum wall clock, with a perpetual movement provided by the magnetic mechanism. Since no double weight-driven movement is needed, the clock is lighter and easy to install.The Pendulum clock is provided with led lights on the pendulum and on the clock hands; this feature adds an extra dimension to this clock by using the wall as a functional piece.






FULCRO TV concept

Designed to give maximum display area. 4TB hard drive will let you import directly your favorite media from the web or digital television provider, improving the overall media experience.Simple dark and straight lines enhances the simplicity of forms and aesthetics.Fulcro TV adapts perfectly to any public or private environment.




VELOCE is our latest concept work. We love cars, and, whenever we have a chance, we do some sketches and play with some ideas . Veloce, have influences from two cars we love, the F1 cars and Hot Rod classics.

By sliding the speaker (top disk) you can turn it on, and control the volume up(right) and down(left). The sliding mechanism is placed at the center of the main body and works with two parallel rails on the speaker bottom surface. 

Other features: 


Line IN port


Power DC port.






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